DrinkEntrepreneurs Malaysia
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Who are we?
DrinkEntrepreneurs is co-created by you and all the people that make every event different and special. We endorse no specific format, so there are no name tags, stuffy environments or boring presentations. You'll be there to laugh and learn, to socialize and network. So far, we've motivated a greatly diverse group of amazing individuals to become regulars and ambassadors of DrinkEntrepreneurs and connected hundreds of people in meaningful ways. We like to think that DrinkEntrepreneurs is not just an event - it's a movement that is slowly but steadily becoming a key connector in local entrepreneurship scenes.

Here is a video shot during an event in SF that explains it all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeeYpbGVeFc

Check out the DrinkEntrepreneurs in KL at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mydrinkent

What do we do?
Once a month, DrinkEntrepreneurs offers a relaxed environment for driven and motivated entrepreneurs, their friends and entrepreneurship aficionados to get together, share good conversations and inspire one another!

Where are we around the world?
Initially launched for fun in Paris, DrinkEntrepreneurs is going global, with events organized in 30 cities such as Shanghai, London, San Francisco, Buenos Aires ... and now Kuala Lumpur & Johor Bahru!

Frequently Asked Questions
Who pays for the drinks?
The event is free if u register early with eventbrite. Drinks are available for purchase at the bar.

Can I come if I'm not an entrepreneur?
You don't have to be an entrepreneur as in "I own a business". We welcome any entrepreneur-minded people: wannabe-entrepreneurs, students in entrepreneurship, people often working with entrepreneurs, involved in many associative projects... In a nutshell, anybody trying to build things and shake the world.